Silent letters

Silent letters are letters in English words that are not pronounced, but are still written. They can make the spelling of words more difficult to learn, as they don’t follow the standard pronunciation rules.

Some common silent letters include:

  • The “b” in “dumb” and “plumber”
  • The “c” in “scissors”
  • The “g” in “gnat” and “reign”
  • The “k” in “knight”
  • The “w” in “wrap” and “answer”
  • The “h” in “ghost” and “white”
  • The “t” in “ballet” and “listen”

These silent letters often have historical roots, and they serve to distinguish words with similar spellings, pronunciation, and meanings. For example, “knight” and “night” are spelled differently because of the silent “k” to differentiate their meanings.

It’s important to remember that these silent letters can affect the pronunciation of a word, even though they are not sounded. Knowing when a letter is silent and when it is pronounced can make a big difference in understanding the spelling and pronunciation of English words.

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