My name is Magdalena, but feel free to shorten it to Meg.

I have an advanced degree (MA) from the University of political science where I focused on language, psychology, and journalism.

I am also a certified TEFL teacher with over 5 years of experience working with children and more with education.

The focus of my interest is in Neuroscience, language development, learning techniques, and scientific knowledge.

My tutoring style is to develop and deliver a unique teaching approach, tailor-made for each individual pupil.

Learning is the process, where is of most importance to adapt the delivery of information in line with the student’s capacity to comprehend data.

So, my recommendation is to book a Welcoming meeting where I can get sufficient information about you and then proceed further with tailor-made classes.

Welcoming meetings are free and 15 minutes long.

Alternatively, you can fill out the questionnaire that will give me a better overview of your needs – HERE.

After that, you choose your tempo by selecting a Tutoring subject, the length of class, and the number of hours most suitable for you.

More info on Tutoring subjects can be found HERE.

More info on the length of a class and pricing can be found HERE.

Thank you!


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