Cooperative for ethical financing/Ebank

A non profit organization with over 1400 members, organizations and individuals, working together to develop a democratic, transparent, just and socially and environmentally responsible economy. The combined annual income of sales of good and services exceeds 250 million euros, and the innovative business members solutions are often internationally recognized.

Main goal of Cooperative for ethical finance is to act for the common good and develop basis for economy from solidarity through eBank that will support local communities, development-oriented businesses and civil society organizations. Projects that are undertaken by Cooperative are in-line with main mission and vision of the project to built sustainable society, encourage sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, social economy and social inclusion for its members and beyond. eBank is transparent, democratic, solidarity organization that provides most favorable financing conditions, continuous assistance in business and actively minimize risks through Cooperative network. Raising public awareness about the role of money and the collapse of the economy, which is based solely on short-term profits, is attracting various individuals and organizations that are in line with Cooperative main goals. Long term access of this project has insured a strategic place for it in economic development of Croatia.